Fish Oil: How much is too much?

CrossFitters are notorious for their consumption of high dose fish oil supplementation.  Fish oil supplementation has been shown to reverse or even prevent serious damage caused by chronic inflammation:  inflammation that Time Magazine in 2004 deemed “The Silent Killer” (also see “The Anti-Inflammation Zone by Barry Sears). Based on newly published research, it now looks like “long-term high dose fish oil intake” may become “a thing of the past”.  Chris Kresser, of  The Healthy Skeptic post an excellent article discussing the latest research on fish oil supplementation.   He summarizes in this article:

  • “The benefits of fish oil supplementation have been grossly overstated
  • Most of the studies showing fish oil benefits are short-term, lasting less than one year
  • The only fish oil study lasting more than four years showed an increase in heart disease and sudden death
  • Fish oil is highly unstable and vulnerable to oxidative damage
  • There’s no evidence that healthy people benefit from fish oil supplementation
  • Taking several grams of fish oil per day may be hazardous to your health”

To read Chris’ article in full, see “When it comes to fish oil, more is not better

Based on these latest findings, Robb Wolf shares his thoughts in “The Paleo Solutions” Podcast  #53.  Robb believes short term high dose fish oil intake  is good for intervention (“people who are very overweight and who have loads of inflammation”) , but high dosages of  fish oil supplementation longer than 1 to 3 months could  increase your chance of Cardio Vascular Disease  in the future.   With good sleep and by following The Paleo Diet,  one’s need for high dose fish oil dosages should quickly Read More




Are Twinkies Paleo?

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Paleo experts “weigh-in” on the Twinkie Snack Diet conducted by Kansas State University nutrition professor Mark Haub:

The Whole Health Source:  The Twinkie Diet for Fat Loss

Harder. Better.  Faster.  Stronger:   The Prof. Mark Haub Nonsense

Fat Head:  The Twinkie Diet




Mark Sisson – The Primal BluePrint

Mark Sisson, Author of The Primal BluePrint

For a while now I’ve wanted to blog about some of my favorite Paleo Nutrition reads but simply have had little time to sit in front of my computer.   When I find something worthy of sharing, I know it’s gonna take several hours of research and writing to do it justice.  Mark Sisson’s body of work is a perfect example of this.  His book, The Primal Blueprint, is one I often recommend to folks when they are interested in understanding Paleo Nutrition.  He’s in great shape, and is just as informative as he is funny.

He also has a fantastic blog, Mark’s Daily Apple which is full of helpful resources for understanding the science behind the diet.   One of the big questions I get often is “What do I eat for breakfast?”.To illustrate how helpful Mark’s daily blog can be, Mark took the time to answer this question in depth on his website (and in his book):

Primal Breakfast Suggestions for People on the Go

For the visual learners – “Contest Results:  Primal Breakfast Pics”

Fortunately Robb Wolf has saved me some time at my computer by recently blogging on Mark Sisson’s book, The Primal Blue Print.  You can read his blog post here:

Book Review:  The Primal BluePrint

Intrigued?  If so, check out Mark’s “About” page which completely summarizes the content on his website.  There’s some good stuff here – all well-organized and easy to find!

Primal Blueprint 101

Read More


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