Paleo Approved

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My brother-in-law recently sent me a link to “Fooducate” – a new iphone app created by “a team of parents, dietitians, and techies”.  You use “Fooducate” while shopping to scan product labels in order to help you make better nutritional choices.  Yikes –  their “see how it works” slide show offered “B+” rated breakfast cereals as “better options” for a “C” rated cereal.  Obviously this is not a team of paleo parents, dietitians and techies!

I emailed my brother-in-law back an explained it’s pretty easy to find “paleo foods” in a local grocery store by only shopping the perimeter of the store (organic fruits and vegetables, wild-caught fish and grassed beef and poultry). Yet being a paleo newbie himself, he insisted it would be helpful if there were a way to determine if a product was paleo-friendly.  Even”gluten free” products often list ingredients (corn, potato, soy, kidney beans, vegetable oils, etc) that are not eaten when following The Paleo Diet.

Come to find out, my brother-in-law is not alone.  In one of my early morning paleo-google searches, I came across “Paleo Approved“.  Karen Pendergrass and Kimberly Eyer have founded Paleo Approved, Inc. in order to help consumers identify foods that meet the standards of  The Paleo Diet.  Qualifying paleo foods (see “Get Paleo Approved”) will be labeled to  help consumers figure out which  foods are safe to eat.   Check out their informative website and very funny video!

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