Are Twinkies Paleo?

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Paleo experts “weigh-in” on the Twinkie Snack Diet conducted by Kansas State University nutrition professor Mark Haub:

The Whole Health Source:  The Twinkie Diet for Fat Loss

Harder. Better.  Faster.  Stronger:   The Prof. Mark Haub Nonsense

Fat Head:  The Twinkie Diet

2 Comments on “Are Twinkies Paleo?

  1. Boy, Cheryl, this is more than gross!! A nutritionist even…he should be ashamed of himself. He obviously isn;t familiar with Super-Size It either….I guess he got the attention he was looking for, though…

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more, Peggy! There are so many good folks out there trying to help others improve their health, performance, and body composition – and this guy is telling others they can lose weight by eating junk food and implies “it’s healthy”. I believe he’s done more damage than good – what a waste of time and money.