Part 2 “Best Diets” – Not!

See Poll Results (image credit to US News)

This is exactly why I don’t follow the advice of traditional Registered Dietitians.  Recently the so called “experts” ranked The Paleo Diet as the least effective diet for losing weight and improving overall health (here).   These experts did not do their research before shamefully stating their ill-informed opinions (here).  Now folks much like myself who have experienced tremendous success on The Paleo Diet (here) are ensuring their voices be heard or at least their votes be counted.  Tamara Abraham reports that readers polled on the US News “Best Diets Overall” ranked The Paleo Diet as the MOST effective of all diets ranked by the so called “experts”!  You can read Abraham’s article by following the link below.

Caveman Diet Voted Best Way To Lose Weight (by readers of a report that found it least effective)

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