“Best Diets” – Not!

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the Best Diets Overall based on ease of use, health benefits and weight loss effectiveness.  The Paleo Diet was ranked #20, surprisingly ranked after such diets as SlimFast, Nutrisytems and Medifast as healthier alternatives for successful weight loss.    Researching the validation of this ranking a little further, I was not surprised to discover the claims made by the U.S. News “experts” were totally false – not only based on my personal experiences (here), but also on existing peer-reviewed research on The Paleo Diet.  Fortunately, Dr. Loren Cordain recently wrote a “Rebuttal to U.S. News and World Top 20 Diets” highlighting the “erroneous and misleading” conclusions made by the U.S. News “experts”.   Follow the link below to read Dr. Cordain’s rebuttal:

Rebuttal to U.S. News and World Top 20 Diets




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