Junkfood and Karmic Dept?

Image courtesy of the The New York Times Magazine.

Image courtesy of the The New York Times Magazine.

Shouldn’t we all be concerned when America’s largest food companies such as Nestlé, Kraft, Nabisco, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and Mars all meet in the “Pillsbury Auditorium” (think Pillsbury Doughboy)  to discuss the effect their products may be having on the present obesity epidemic?   Competing companies gathering together to discuss strategies that in the long run will promote the health of their companies more so than the health of their consumers?  Surprisingly these companies are admitting guilt, recognizing that their promotion of unhealthy, addictive foods is similar to that of the cigarette industry.   The New York Times Magazine shares how these companies have been manipulating us for years through science and marketing to buy their products.  Whether it’s their “bottom line”, new-found guilt, or the threat of future lawsuits, some of these companies are starting to explore the idea of “healthier” snack products:

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

In the words of my hydroponic-gardening, massage-therapist friend, Patricia Cropper, “the food industry doesn’t really know much about our health” and I’m not so sure they can be trusted now!




3 Comments on “Junkfood and Karmic Dept?

  1. These companies have no guilt nor fear of lawsuits, they are reacting to consumer demand and a growing market for healthier foods. It’s all about the profit and survival. Thankfully people are finally getting the message that the non-foods these companies produce are carcinogenic. Now, if we can just continue to build awareness of the P&G and J&J etc carcinogenic cleaning and beauty products…

  2. So very true, Monica! These companies are more interested in profit and survival than the affect their products will have on their consumers! Will be interesting to watch how this all unfolds over time.

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