Paleo Cookbooks


My husband came home last week sharing with me that the office staff was trying to remember the name of a cookbook I originally recommended in one of my first “Paleo Seminars”.  At one time it was a Paleo cookbook I used weekly, but now it sits on a shelf collecting dust.   Not because the information is obsolete, but because there are now numerous Paleo Cookbooks available online and in local bookstores.   As promised, here is an updated list of my new(er), favorite Paleo Cookbooks.   Enjoy!

You can also find free Paleo Recipes online without spending money on expensive cookbooks.  I often start my day using Google to find various Paleo friendly recipes – from Paleo Thai Lettuce Wraps to Paleo Spaghetti (squash, not pasta).   In a previous post, I’ve also listed free Paleo Recipe Websites by category:  Paleo Families, Paleo Athletes, Paleo for Everyone Else, and Gluten Free – But NOT necessarily Paleo (because gluten-free products can make you fat).  See “Paleo Recipes On-Line

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