Robb Wolf: Paleo Nutrition Guru

Robb Wolf: Biochemist and owner of NorCal Strength and Conditioning

Robb Wolf: Biochemist, National Best Selling Author,  NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Champion Powerlifter, Crossfit Coach, and Owner of NorCal Strength and Conditioning

Below is an email I recently sent to Robb Wolf expressing my gratitude and appreciation for unselfishly sharing “pseudo science” in order to help others improve their  performance in the gym, over all healthy and more importantly quality of life.

Robb –

It was absolutely wonderful to once again hear you lecture in person out in San Diego.  Although I’m always impressed with your ability to explain complicated science to the masses, I must admit I’m most impressed to actually see accompanying client pre/post blood work panels and before/after photos backing up your claims.  The seminar out in CA was my third in person “Robb Wolf Nutrition Experience” – first having heard you lecture in Baltimore at a CrossFit Level One Certification, followed by your CrossFit Nutrition Certification held in Atlanta.   Recently I was also presented with a unique opportunity to once again hear Dr. Cordain lecture, this time in Orlando.   Why, you may ask, am I traveling all over the country to hear what you and Dr. Cordain have to say?  Because I know from personal experience the information you’re prescribing works!

Upon hearing you lecture for the second time and further investigation on my own, I created a much shorter, watered-down, power-point presentation highlighting information and research presented in your Nutrition Seminar.  I can be obsessively evangelistic when I find a program that works for me.  I’ve shared this presentation numerous times with many in my small world:   in my home, on my laptop in Starbucks, my child’s school, group of nurses in my husband’s Surgery Center, etc.   The results for those adopting the Paleo Diet have been amazing and consistent:

  • After implementing the diet in our home, my husband has consistently shown improved bio markers of health each time he is asked to submit blood work for insurance purposes.   Wanting to understand more, he attended your Nutrition Seminar.  As a physician he was equally impressed with the science and research presented during your lecture.  Because of his time with you, his own personal success and continued study, he now recommends The Paleo Diet to his patients.  These patients are often overweight (Metabolic Syndrome) or have symptoms indicative of an autoimmune disorder.
  • A nutritionist/personal trainer/avid cyclist friend reluctantly agreed to attend one of my nutrition lectures at his wife’s request.  His wife, who is also a nutritionist/personal trainer, had attended this same lecture in my living room earlier that month.  Although she had already implemented the diet in their home, she felt he would be more supportive if he heard “the science supporting the diet” (as a cyclist he was not sure this diet would support his long weekend rides).  During the nutrition lecture he shared with a group of nurses he too had been surprised to see changes in his blood work from a recent doctor’s visit.  Both he and his wife have been on the Paleo Diet for several months now and have never looked better.
  • My retired neighbor was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Within three weeks of following The Paleo Diet his physician took him off of his “sugar medications” and reduced his cholesterol medications.  His active wife was surprised to lose 8 pounds and has become an avid supporter of The Paleo Diet.  She recently returned from a two-week cruise and shared that she found it easy to follow the diet while traveling.
  • An employee reported her husband had also recently been Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  She shared with me that by monitoring his blood glucose levels daily they had watched his blood sugars return to normal within weeks of implementing the Paleo Diet in their home.
  • A friend reported that from further investigation and through testing he was formally diagnosed as gluten sensitive.  He was surprised to learn gluten sensitivities can lead to auto immune issues, such as Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease, which he had.  His sister had already been diagnosed with celiac disease.

The most moving experience involved one of my recent CrossFit clients who is not only a close friend, but also a well respected Neurologist in the medical community.  After hearing the nutrition lecture in my home, his only comment later via email was an expressed doubt about a dietary connection between lectins and MS.  I challenged him to a private experiment of our own:  read the The Paleo Diet book, commit to eating “strict paleo” for 5 weeks, and do a CF WOD together at least once a week.   It was a very emotional experience for both of us when he called to share the results of his post blood work.  In 5 short weeks not only had he lost 10 pounds, his post blood work indicated:

  • Reversal of previous indication for metabolic syndrome/ insulin resistance evaluation
  • LDL Size moved from Pattern B to Patten A
  • Triglycerides levels from 192 lowered to 89
  • C-Reactive Protein down
  • Insulin levels down from 11 to 5
  • Slight decrease in HbA1c levels

In an email he wrote he entered the program “a skeptic” and exited “a believer”.  During our experiment, he went on to explain that he was able to share with a young family member that her recent serious medical condition may be a result of her diet.  He recommended a book on the Metabolic Syndrome for the family to read.  Further, because he has a large MS patient population and is frequently asked to lecture to other medical practitioners, students and support groups he became re- interested in Dr. Cordain research involving MS.   After viewing Dr. Cordain’s online lecture “Pre-agricultural Diets in the Prevention and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis” and doing further research, he contacted Dr. Cordain directly.  Several emails later, I’m excited to report he is now using Dr. Cordains’ slides and research in his own MS presentations!

This weekend he stopped me while we were out one evening to thank me once again. He explained because of our time together, he was able to reach a lifelong goal to be in great shape on his 50th birthday, and more importantly he has changed the way in which he now approaches treatment with many of his patients.  Although I’m appreciative of his compliments, the true recognition goes to you, Robb.    You have committed your time, skill and expertise to help others reach often unreachable, but desired goals and lifelong dreams.   You have made a profound difference in my life and the lives of my family, friends and clients.  This is the result of your body of work.  From my heart, thank you for sharing your insight and nutritional guidance through your seminars and blog.  You are effecting change in the lives of many in a very powerful way.

With fond appreciation and gratitude,

Cheryl Polack

***(written 2010, updated 2013)

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  12. Hey Cheryl, I’m not sure if you remember me but I met you back in 2010. When I was working as a rehab tech. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to paleo and your site as it helped me in college when I did some research of my own and talked about it in some of my course presentations. I had even prompted some classmates to do an experiment testing their physical ability and bloodwork pre and post paleo. In both areas improvements were clear as shown in their presentation to the class. Also recently I decided to become more serious about crossfit and will be joining a box soon. Anyway I hope you are doing good and all is well with you and your family.


  13. Lee – That is wonderful news – thanks for the update! I’m excited that you have not only experienced favorable results by changing your diet, but you have now also become a vocal proponent of paleo nutrition!

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