A Paleo Perspective, an MD Prescriptive

I’ve been missing from the blog scene for several years.  Some things have changed, some things have not:  I’m still fit, but no longer in my forties; still exercise, but no longer do CrossFit; follow a Paleo Diet, but no longer give Paleo Nutrition lectures.  The Paleo lectures are now presented by my husband who is an MD.  He has had tremendous success helping his patients achieve optimal health by prescribing The Paleo Diet.  He loves to tell folks that he is always asked why an “eye guy” is telling his patients what to eat, to which he responds “because it works”!

He last presented at our local gym, Zone Health and Fitness, where folks are encouraged to find a “zone” that helps them achieve their health goals: from Body-building, Yoga or Zumba, to Boxing and CrossFit.   There literally is something for everyone.  Through his last seminar, he is hoping to encourage folks to combine their exercise programs with the Paleo Diet to help them supercharge their results (and be healthier).

The Paleo Diet has not changed since I began following Robb Wolf in 2008, but what has changed is the science behind the diet!  In addition to numerous anecdotal success stories from friends and patients, there are now more studies that have shown the Paleo Diet is extremely effective treating patients with health issues such as Diabetes II, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, and Obesity – even more effective than the Mediterranean Diet.

Back in 2008 folks laughed when you brought up the concept of healing your “leaky gut”, but now, thanks to the work of Alessio Fasano, MD and his team at Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard, we are closer to understanding the mechanism that can lead to gut permeability.  Gut permeability and Dysbiosis are  now at the heart of our understanding of Auto-Immune Disease, Cancer, and Neuro-Degenerative disease.

The science backing the diet shows that when eating lean meats, veggies (some fruit), and healthy fats and by avoiding all grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar you are able to:

  • “Switch-on” Genes for Optimal Health via Epigenetics
  • Balance Critical Hormones involved in Regulating Health
  • Become Leptin and Insulin Sensitive
  • Avoid Foods that lead to Inflammation-Promoting Hyperinsulinemia and Associated Diseases
  • Avoid Foods (Lectins, Saponins, Gluten, etc.) that have been clinically shown to lead to Gut Permeability, Inflammation, and Associated Diseases (Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, and Neurological Disease)
  • Balance Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acid Consumption to Avoid Inflammation

As promised to the fifty folks that attended the lecture, I would like to provide some Paleo Diet resources that will easily allow you to implement the diet in your home.  As I always say, everything you need to know to “get started”, you can find at robbwolf.com  – so that’s where we’ll start:

Paleo Grocery Store Shopping

Wondering how to “Paleo Shop” at the Grocery Store?  Check out these series of videos from Specialty Health shopping with Robb Wolf at the grocery store!  Lots of great tips (and a quick review of information discussed in the lecture)!

Paleo Blogs, Cookbooks, and Recipes Online

Paleo Magazine’s Top 10 Paleo Blogs

Rubies and Radishes Best Paleo Cookbooks 2014

More Cookbook Recommendations

Free Paleo Recipes online

A note on “Paleo Recipes”.  I pretty much follow the “Paleo Food Matrix” guide at every meal.  Protein, lots of vegetables, and healthy fats.  I do this 3 times a day, with no snacks in between.   If you are trying to lose weight, you’ll need to keep it simple.  Eat real, unprocessed foods – which does not include “gluten free brownies” or  “Paleo Bread”.  See Seven Shades of Paleo” 

Local Paleo Shopping

Ocala Downtown Farmer’s Market

Local Buying Clubs

Local Grocery Stores

Video Resources Online

The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition is a not-for-profit research institute that offers free fascinating Evening Lectures  open to the public and STEM-Talk Podcast .  Top Researchers in their field, from folks who have walked on the moon to Nobel Prize Winners, present interesting information on captivating topics.  All of the Evening Lectures are also available online.  Some relevant Evening Lectures related to Optimal Health include:

The Paleo Solution Seminar (8hours long) from 2011 – understand the science behind the diet

Sugar: The Bitter Truth, Robert H. Lustig, MD

Minding Your Mitochondria Terry Wahls, MD

Recommended Books

Recommended Documentaries

Do your research


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