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This weekend I had the honor of sharing information on The Paleo Diet at Dave and Shae Tozzo’s gym, CrossFit Zoo.  We had an excellent turnout and I was excited to see so many folks eager to improve their health, performance and body composition via paleo-nutrition-concepts.  It was especially moving to hear a surprise testimony from Jay, a law enforcement officer, who shared that he had lost over 47 pounds in 10 weeks (without exercise).  He totally reversed his blood work from that of an overweight old man to that of a fit 18 year old.  His doctor was amazed (and proud).  It was very moving to hear him speak – hoping he’ll post his story for us soon!

For those who were able to attend the “Paleo Talk”, you should now:

• Understand the Importance of Balancing Critical Hormones

• Understand Digestion and the Critical Importance of Gut Health

• Recognize and Understand the effects of Neolithic Foods

• Understand How to “Go Paleo”

•  Recognize Blood Panels that Predict Present and Long Term

As promised, so that it would  not be necessary to take copious notes during the lecture,  I’m  posting  a few  resources to jump-start your own paleo adventure.  Good luck to everyone and please keep me posted on your success!

My  Personal “Evolution” Into Paleo Nutrition

How To Go Paleo “Now”

Top 3 Paleo Nutrition Reads

1.  Mark Sisson, author of Primal Blueprint

Mark’s Daily Apple Blog
Mark’s 10 Way’s to “Get Primal”
“Mark Sisson The Primal Blueprint”

2.  Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution

See above “Quick Start Guide” and “Food Matrix”
Robb Wolf’s Blog and Podcast
Robb Wolf’s FAQ
Robb Wolf’s Original Shopping List (see shopping-food.doc)

3.  Loren Cordain, Ph.D, author of The Paleo Diet

Dr. Cordain’s Nutrition Tools
Dr. Cordain’s  Paleo Diet Blog
“Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double -Edged Sword”
“Live From Ocala, It’s the Paleo Diet!

Free Paleo Recipes Online

Top Paleo Cookbooks

Local Paleo Shopping

GrassFed Meat

Organic Vegetables and Fruit

Research on The Paleo Diet

Additional Resources Discussed in The Presentation

Food Videos Discussed in Presentation

Jay Nix

Remember the qualities of a sound nutrition program:

• You Should FEEL better
• You Should PERFORM better
• You Should LOOK better
• You Should be able to TRACK biomarkers of health via blood work (see “The Paleo Solution“)

All of which occur when following The Paleo Diet!  Just ask Jay (see above)!

One last thing. Don’t believe everything I write or say.   I’m not a dietitian providing nutrition counseling or nutrition management programs.   Doubt me.  I’m a skeptic by heart myself.  I never accept what others say, especially those practicing and preaching convention wisdom with little results.   I’m interested in not only how fit you appear to be on the outside, but also how fit you are on the inside with excellent bio markers of health.  I search for the latest, cutting-edge information and research.   I spend a great deal of time reading and reviewing abstracts, books, and other websites.  I suggest you begin this journey by doing the same.     Do your own research, find your own answers, become your own expert.  In addition to the resources listed in the “Paleo Tools” tab, I also use the following unbiased internet resources on a daily basis:

  • PubMed is a free database accessing online medical literature (citations, abstracts and some full text articles)
  • Google scholar allows you to search scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles
  • Google Books is a collection of digitized books which allows you to view limited previews portions of most books as well as do “text searches” within the book to locate specific information.

visit www.crossfitzoo.com

Consult with a physician before beginning in new exercise or fitness program

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  1. This is the best collection of Paleo info I have ever seen!! Thank You! Thank you! Going to share it! : )

    PS Shae and Dave are amazing!

  2. Thanks, Shanna! There are more sources under the “Paleo Tools” tab at the top of the page. Yes, Dave and Shae are the real deal – compassionate, committed and both are a heck of a lot of fun!

  3. We want to know if you know of anyone in the Orlando area willing to speak to our group and perhaps some businesses about Paleo?

    Thank you,
    (407) 805-8818

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  6. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks so much for the information. I’ve been curious about the paleo diet for a while but I can’t seem to find a good place for recipes. Any suggestions?

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