Don’t Ask Me About “The China Study”…

…instead, read Dr. Michael Eades most recent blog post!   I am not a vegetarian, vegan, nor do I eat a diet made up of “mostly whole plant foods”.  I’m a paleo eatin’ carnivore.  Although my support for Dr Eades’ blog post is due to my own “confirmation bias”, he does do an excellent job of highlighting key examples of Dr. Campbell’s own “confusion, ambiguity, distortion  in what is basically a book-length argument for a personal opinion masquerading as hard side science”.  As Dr. Eades most eloquently states, The China Study is a “master piece of obfuscation”.   Correlation does not prove causation.     Take the time to read Dr. Eades commentary on the seemingly never-ending protein debate:

Dr. Eades “The China Study vs the China study”

Also, while on the topic of  protein you can read more about the original protein debate between Dr. Cordain author of  “The Paleo Diet” and Dr. Campbell author of “The China Study” in a recent Robb Wolf post titled”The China Study:  Junk Science and Lies”:

The Protein Debate

Loren Cordain, PhD and T. Colin Campbell, PhD

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