NFL Goes Paleo!

ESPN reports on the success John Welbourn, a 10 year NFL veteran has had following Paleo Nutrition.  To read more follow this link to the ESPN article titled “Caveman Diet – growing followers”.

Last year I heard Mr. Welbourn speak on Paleo Nutrition at a seminar sponsored by his newly founded company Well Food Company.  Presently, the Well Food Company offers Paleo Frozen Food Entrees as well as Grass Fed Beef Jerky Snax Packs.  His Paleo Brands website also includes helpful information on “how to get started” and a resource page listing  peer reviewed studies on The Paleo Diet.

John Welbourn is also the owner of CrossFit Balboa as well as the creat0r of CrossFit Football, a strength and conditioning program designed for football players.

Mark Rippetoe of Starting Strength recently interviewed Mr. Welbourn on strength training , injuries, and recruiting for football athletes.  He also talks about playing in the NFL for 10 years as well as his reasons for starting Paleo Brands.  You can watch this 4 part video interview on Coach Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Video Series.

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